ID Integration - About Us

Company History

In 1994, Jim Wright and Gary Moe, experienced distributors of marking and reading technologies were among the first to recognize the potential of the two dimensional (2D) Data Matrix symbology for item traceability.

They founded Jet City Laser and ID Integration, partner companies that provide a complete range of traceability solutions.

Jet City Laser has lead the way in Data Matrix laser engraving to become one of the most experienced 2D Data Matrix and nameplate engravers in the U.S. The Air Transport Association SPEC 2000 standard was one of the first commercial applications of Data Matrix markings in industry and Jet City became the preferred supplier of these markings.

In 2003, the Department of Defense developed the Unique Identification (UID) mandate. Jet City Laser was part of the industry team that provided expert input to the DoD UID team. Since 2003, Jet City Laser has become the "go-to" business if you need any type of UID data plate, label or Direct Part Marking service.

Over the past decade plus, Jet City Laser has become the industry leader with over 300 clients worldwide. They know that Jet City Laser consistently provides a quality product at a competitive price and with reliable on-time delivery.

To see some of the more interesting jobs that Jet City has done in the past, go to the Interesting Jobs page. There you will see some of the more creative laser marking challenges that have been successfully completed.

With multiple lasers of different types, there is very little that Jet City cannot do. Jet City Laser is THE source for product marking with a full range of marking technologies and years of experience servicing both small shops and Fortune 100 companies.

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