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In a laser engraving project for the University of Washington and NASA, Jet City Laser engraved the face and sides of the Martian sundials launched on board the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

On approval from NASA, we modified the marking process to make the message readable.

To learn more about the sundial visit the web archive copy of


  • One of two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.
  • Location of the sundial on Mars rover.
  • Mars rover sundial with laser engraving on the top and sides by Jet City Laser.
  • Messages engraved on the sides of the Mars rover sundials.

Jet City Laser, Inc. engraved the Adidas logo on over 150,000 bolt heads. These bolts were used to assemble display cabinets for Adidas products. Click on the thumbnail to see an enlarged picture.

Jet City Laser lased over 33,000 2D Data Matrix used by Seagate to database trays they manufacture. These codes have had over 40,000,000 error free reads. Click on the thumbnail to see an enlarged picture.

Working with Gasterwood, Jet City Laser marked the Stainless Steel time capsule that Bill and Melinda Gates buried during construction of their house on Lake Washington in the Seattle area. Click on the thumbnail to see an enlarged picture.

Jet City Laser marked all 96 official game basketballs for the American Basketball League (women's basketball league) for Baden Sports. Click on the thumbnail to see an enlarged picture.

Contracted by Aero Systems to apply over 240 2D Data Matrix codes to tools used in their Manufacturing Processes. These marks are read by a scanner to select the proper tool to complete a job.

Remarked 140,000+ reamers (replaced worn marking) used on the flight line at Boeing in Everett. Spent over 1000 hours on flight line in Everett marking tooling.

Applied a decorative marking to over 6,000 continuous feet of Stainless Steel rails for Harbor View hospital.

Worked with KIT on one of the first DOD projects using 2D Data Matrix and MIL-STD-130.

Jet City Laser produced over 1,000 2D Data Matrix tagsfor ATK. These tags are used to scan their manufacturing tools into a database.

With ID-Integration, Inc., Jet City Laser developed the prototype of U.S. Army mobile marking trailer.

Jet City Laser supports over 50 customers in Seattle area with 2D data matrix codes, graphics and general part marking needs.