UID Marking Examples


NEW! Expanded Large Format Engraving Capacity
Our programmable Trotec SpeedMarker LWS 1300 large format engraver arrives September 2016

Great for engraving multiple parts at the same time, making large control panels and faceplates, making prototypes, and more! Click here for details
- Deep engraving and cutting on areas up to 17 in. x 36 in. = 612 sq. in.
- Marking and light engraving on areas up to 25 in. x 44 in. = 1100 sq. in.

Jet City Laser Expands Marking Services

JCL has long been known for their high-quality, fast-turn laser marking services.  But did you know that JCL also offers the following marking technologies & services?

Dot Peen
Thermal Label
- Polyester
- 'Tedlar'
- 'Kapton'
- Passive RFID

As with all UID marking services from JCL, customers receive verification reports for each UID barcode, assuring 100% compliance to the quality standards of MIL-STD-130.


Product Profile: Smart-ScanTM Technology
ID Integration offers UID customers the scanner they've been waiting for: a low-cost, sophisticated 2-D barcode scanner, with integrated UII data syntax filtering. A scanner that outputs directly into WinXP, Vista or Linux applications without the need for special drivers or software setup applications. Scan 1 & 2-D barcodes; validate proper UID syntax; and output formatted UII data. It even scans OCR text fonts! Read more


Jet City Laser is now offering UID2register Express StationTM - The Smart Solution for your Business
Submit your UID Plate or Tag information automatically to the UID Registry and to the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) using a state of the art UID workstation right from your office. Save time and money while you're at it. Enjoy the convenience of a digital transfer UID metering station and avoid the hassle of submitting by hand on-line. UID2register software keeps a history of UID's submitted to the UID Registry, so now you can generate reports anytime you need UID Registry information.