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May 2009/ issue 09-1

UID Stimulus Plan: ID Integration's Smart-ScanTM Provides Immediate Return on Investment.

Brigadier General William "Tim" Crosby (PEO, Aviation) in his keynote address at the recent Denver UID Forum, summarized his strategy for evaluating project value as "Does it take the burden off the soldier?".

For military and commercial users alike, ID Integration is reducing the workload of UID implementation from that of a "job" to simpler "tasks".  Our Smart-ScanTM scanners lead the way to these promised process efficiencies, allowing users to do more with less, and in less time. 

Smart-ScanTM advantages include:
  • Decreased manual data entry into PC forms
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Automated "Lookup" capabilities for NSN, etc.
  • UID barcode Validation, Parsing, and Reprint support


By focusing on existing process improvement rather than replacement, we've created the following tools to provide users with immediate workload reduction:
  • Smart-LookupTM : Scan existing barcodes  (UID, P/N, fault codes, etc.) and output cross-referenced data (NSN, Nomenclature, P/N, S/N, etc.) without changes to existing PC software!
    This Smart-ScanTM functionality can support any software which does not support a UID data field, or where a simple text lookup table can automate repetitive human data entry.

  • Smart-UIDTM : ID Integration provides the most full-featured, flexible, cost-effective UID scanners available in today's global marketplace.

    • UID Validation: Transmits only valid UID barcode strings to the PC.  Eliminates data entry errors due to scanning of invalid UID barcodes.  Also provides UII data string output for direct input into WAWF or other database forms - avoiding the need to deal with the 'non-printable' ASCII characters within the raw UID barcode string.

    • UID Error Reporting: Identifies multiple UID syntax errors, not just the first found, and provides extended reporting to suggest corrections.

    • Scan both UID & P/N barcodes without mode switching:  Since P/N barcodes are NOT UID data, many commercial UID scanners will not transmit P/N or 1-D barcode data without switching in/out of a 'UII Mode'.  Our Smart-ScanTM technology eliminates any possible operator confusion by transmitting all desired scan data - differentiating UID, P/N, and/or 1-D data through beep/vibration sequences.

    • UID Character Substitution:  Eliminates the complexity of handling 'non-printable' ASCII characters within the raw barcode data, using a simple notepad text file for user-defined character substitution.

    • UID Parsing: Transmits all or only a single data element from a scanned UID barcode.  Allows for the auto population of multiple fields within existing software forms.  It can also be used to return only the S/N component of a UID barcode - useful when original vendor S/N is used within the UID construction.

    • Error-Free UID Reprinting: By combining the Smart-ScanTM UID Validation & Parsing capabilities with our Template Library, IDI now provides a 100% electronic means for repair facilities to replace existing UID markings due to damage or required component repair processing.  [Also see our Portable UID Verification Kit].

  • Smart-ConfigureTM : Eliminates the need for IT support when scanner setup configuration is lost.  Simply repower the scanner to return to the original customer configuration.  Includes ability to auto-boot to any Smart-ScanTM application.

The barcode scanner is likely the lowest cost item within any UID implementation plan.  Yet, its usage is also the quickest means of achieving actual ROI through barcode data automation.  Contact IDI today for a demonstration of these value-added Smart-ScanTM capabilities.

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IDI President, Gary Moe, makes presentation at UID Forum in Denver.

Gary Moe, President of ID Integration and Chairman of the UID Supplier Alliance, spoke at the recent UID Forum in Denver, CO.  The presentation, "Questions to Ask UID Suppliers", is available here for download.

Intermec Printer Rebate Program Ends 6/30/2009

Intermec is renewing their popular Trade-In Rebate program.  Contact IDI for more information on any of the following printer model offerings:

Qualifying Printer Purchase Trade-In Rebate
 Intermec Printer Other Printer
PX4i, PX6i $300 $400
PM4i, PDF4i
PF4ci, PF2i
$200 $300
PD41, PD42 $100 $200
PF8, PC41 $25 $25
PB50, PB42
PW50, 6820
$50 $100

Zebra Printer Rebate Program Ends 12/30/2009

Zebra is also renewing their popular Trade-In Rebate program.  Contact IDI for more information on any of the following printer model offerings:

Qualifying Printer Purchase Trade-In Rebate
ZM400, ZM600
Stripe S4M
RW220, RW440

IDI Introduces New Ink Silk-Screen Material

Our unique thermal stencil process for UID marking has been used for several years by customers who require a non-invasive, non-adhesive, low-weight mark.  Yet, its increasing popularity has sometimes stretched limits on material availability. 

ID Integration has recently introduced a new stencil material that lowers the cost of this process by over 50%, and greatly improves material availability to both existing and new customers.

Contact IDI to request more information and sample stencils.

IDI creates Dot Peen support via Bartender Software

IDI has extended our Bartender Template Library to include support for Dot Peen marking hardware.  This implementation provides direct coupling of Dot Peen marking systems to external database products such as Oracle, SAP, SQL, Access, Excel, ODBC, or simple text files.

Although initially developed for SIC Marking hardware, the implementation is currently being extended to other non-Windows Print Driver devices such as YAG lasers.

New Shop Floor Interface to IDI Marking Systems

The growing popularity of IDI's desktop & MIMS Carts has resulted in the development of a simplified user interface to the hardware and software elements of our turn-key Marking systems.  Regardless of PC-skill level, we're providing users with the quickest possible path towards accomplishing UID marking & verification tasks.

The ID Integration interface employs built-in Windows OS and browser tools to provide the quickest possible access to hundreds of files including marking templates, verification software, and support documentation (manuals, MSDS, training videos, etc).

These tools are provided with every IDI Marking System purchased with on-site installation & training.  Contact IDI today for a system quotation & demonstration of these interface tools.

Enhanced Sikorsky UID Template Library

IDI has recently enhanced its UID Template Library to include support for the following Sikorsky Nameplate Specifications:   SS9141 / SS9142 / SS9143 / SS9074.

Customers who need to create UID markings in accordance with these specs can begin production immediately.  ID Integration has utilized the advanced scripting capability of Seagull Scientific’s Bartender software to create numerous built-in quality control algorithms which provide assurance of proper UID data syntax. Sikorsky and supplier parts are supported via a common ‘Prompt-At-Print-Time’ user interface.

The Sikorsky Template Library is only one of numerous UID tools included as part of an ID Integration turn-key solution.  More information about the Sikorsky Template Library can be found at: .


New Jet City Laser Website

Jet City Laser has “cleaned up its attic” by releasing an improved website at

We had so many photos of UID compliant labels and nameplates that the old site was getting cluttered.

Now, our new site is much cleaner and better organized to serve as a resource for Department of Defense contractors who have the need to apply UID compliant markings to their products in accordance with DFARS 252.211-7003 and MIL-STD-130N.

We invite all customers, both old and new, to visit and share your feedback and suggestions for improvements. Send any comments to our email.  
Jet City Laser Expands Marking Services

JCL has long been known for their high-quality, fast-turn laser marking services.  But did you know that JCL also offers the following marking technologies & services?

  Ink Silk Screen
  Dot Peen
  Thermal Label
- Polyester
- 'Tedlar'
- 'Kapton'
- Passive RFID

As with all UID marking services from JCL, customers receive verification reports for each UID barcode, assuring 100% compliance to the quality standards of MIL-STD-130.


Orlando, FL

DOD Maintenance Symposium and Exhibition
Phoenix, AZ


Call (425) 438-2533, or email for more information on any of these topics.

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