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Issue 10-6
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Industry News
Trade-In Discount Program for new Smart-Scan purchases

Get more scanner functionality for less $$$ while recycling old barcode scanners.  For each barcode scanner trade-in (any make, model, or condition), receive a discount on the following Smart-Scan purchases:

- $50 off corded CR12x0 models
- $75 off batch or BlueTooth
         CR2500 models
-$100 off batch or BlueTooth
         CR3500 models

For full details, visit:

IDI offers mobile 'Roll-Feed' laser system @ 60% discount.

IDI addresses the industry needs  of affordability, flexibility, and mobility in its latest turn-key mobile marking system.  The roll-feed laser accommodates:
  • TESA PV6 decal tape
  • 3M decal tape
  • Die-Cut Metal nameplates
Optional high-durability crates are available for use by highly mobile field-marking project teams.  And IDI's professional services guarantee functionality with nearly any UID software management systems in use today.  All this at a price roughly 40% of the competition.

Contact IDI today to discuss how this roll-feed system can support your application.
IUID Registry Changes

The IUID Registry Software Versions 3.0, 3.0.1, 3.3 and 3.4 will be discontinued on December 31, 2010. Thereafter, only data submitted in accordance with IUID Registry versions 3.4.1, 4.0 and later will be accepted.  For more information, click here.

This has implications for all existing UID Management Software Application products.  Contact IDI for upgrade options.
Smart-Scan now available with DOD-Secure firmware

Smart-Foto is one of the many productivity enhancing features available within Smart-Scan™ technology.  However, for ultra-sensitive DOD or military locations, Smart-Scan™ hardware is now available without image capture and upload capability.

For full details, click on the "Ordering" tab at

Jet City Laser News
JCL Sets Standard for UID Nameplate Quality

Outsourcing your UID label and nameplate production to JCL, provides the fastest means of meeting production deadlines while avoiding the financial risk of rejected deliveries due to nameplate quality errors.

JCL specializes in short-run, customized UID nameplate production, typically delivered within 48-hours, and with a 100% documented guarantee of conformance to the barcode syntax and image quality standards of MIL-STD-130.

A full range of in-house marking technologies, design services, and UID examples are viewable at

UID2Register Kit now includes Smart-Scan™ hardware

The industry's lowest price UID registration software just got better with the inclusion of a Smart-Scan™ enabled, high-resolution CR1210 bar code scanner.  Equipped with a coiled 12-foot cable, the scanner is ideal for shop floor applications.

Events Calendar
July 27-29, 2010
USAF AIT Conf-St. Louis, MO

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Sept. 7-9, 2010
UID Forum - Orlando, FL

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Nov 1-2, 2010
AIM Expo

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Nov 15-18, 2010
DOD Maintenance Symposium
Tampa, FL

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Developments in Parts Marking, Asset Tracking & Data Automation
In This Issue Free Downloads

Smart-Scan™ Developments -
ID Integration's Smart-Scan™ technology transforms a barcode scanner's one-button productivity into real, measurable return on investment within a week or even a single day. 

1-Button Productivity = 1-Week ROI

The barcode scanner is likely the lowest cost item within any UID implementation plan, and the quickest means of achieving actual Return-On-Investment (ROI) through process automation.   Smart-Scan™ enhances the primary means of achieving ROI through the reduction of manual keystrokes and data input errors.  Key improvements released this year include:

  • Creation of Support & Demo Website
  • Introduction of new User Interface for LCD Display Scanner models
  • Support for Microscan, Siemens, Brady, Tyco, Opticon scanners.
  • Scanner Trade-In Program (see Industry News)
  • Release of DOD-Secure Smart-Scan™ (see Industry News)
  • High Resolution Smart-Scan™ now part of UID2Register (see JCL News)

Smart-Scan™ Demo and Support Website
We have created a demonstration and support website to educate customers about Smart-Scan™ technology. has extensive information to answer the vast majority of technical, sales, & development questions. 

We've even added a "What's New" Tab to keep users up to date on new Smart-Scan applications, software releases, sales specials.

Visit  to see how Smart-Scan is helping to fulfill the promise of ROI through barcodes - whether your organization is involved in UID implementation or not. 

Smart-Scan™ Display Enhances Security & Usability
ID Integration brings enhanced usability and security to bar code scanning via a new user interface for the CodeCorp CR3500 and Microscan HE45T.  Key features include:
  • Accurate, single-character display of non-printable ASCII 0-31 character codes. 
  • Dynamic display prompt indicates current Smart-Scan operation mode:  (UID, UII, ParsedUID, DataLookup, WebSearch, etc.)
  • Batch data supports single record upload for UID management software applications (COLTS, MCDS, QTCS, IDWorx, etc.)
  • Auto batch data upload disabled to eliminate possible PC file deletion due to UID data misinterpretation.
  • Quick access to settings for prefix, suffix, UID Parsing, OCR & Image Capture

Visit (Overview/Key Advantages) for a demonstration of these value-added Smart-Scan™ capabilities.

Smart-Scan™ supports hardware from Brady, Microscan, Siemens and others.  
Smart-Scan™  technology has expanded to scanner hardware from Code Corp, Brady, Tyco, Opticon, and the DPM scanner models (HE4xT) from Microscan.   Now you can upgrade, rather than replace your hardware investment with the purchase of a Smart-Scan software application suite.  Visit (Ordering Tab), and look for P/Ns SWSCIDI-Sx and  SWSCIDI-Mx .

If you are considering the purchase of a new scanner with out-of-the-box UID productivity, pre-configured Smart-Scan models from ID Integration provide the most economical options.  Visit the "Ordering" tab on for a complete list of models, features, accessories, and pricing.  

ID Integration now provides full Smart-Scan functionality on Microscan HE4xT scanners AT NO ADDITIONAL COST !!  Purchase DPM reader performance, and get Smart-Scan productivity for FREE.

BarTender Software Changes
Seagull Scientific's latest BarTender software release, v9.3, includes two key changes:
  • "Automation" Edition replaces the former "Enterprise" and "RFID Enterprise" products - offering full RFID support for $700 less !
  • "Enterprise Automation" replaces "Enterprise Web Print Server" for $300 less !
Although the Automation Edition will likely continue to be the more popular product, IDI encourages even medium sized companies to consider the Enterprise Automation Edition.  Its web browser interface provides numerous advantages:
  • Radically lower installation & maintenance costs with need to physically install software ONLY on one central network server computer.
  • Guarantee common version used throughout facility (no more template incompatibility due to version numbers).
  • Simpler & more secure (Print-Only) interface for shop floor users.
  • Encourages centralized template file management.
  • Allows easiest expansion of print capability across global networked facilities.
Order the Enterprise Automation Edition with ID Integration's Onsite Installation & Training Services and take advantage of the IDI Template Library with ready-made templates for a wide variety of weapon system platforms including F22, F35, CH-47, UH-60, and more.  Contact IDI to arrange for a live web demo of this technology today.

Smart-RFID™ Eliminates Mobile Reader Middleware
The same 'out-of-the-box' usability developed for Smart-Scan™ , is now available on Mobile RFID readers.  Purchase an Intermec Mobile RFID Reader System from ID Integration (PM J-AIT Contract approved), and enjoy the following immediate productivity advantages.
  • Pre-configured Intermec CN3, CK3, 750 mobile  computers provide immediate RFID & Barcode Scan result capture.
  • Smart-RFID browser utility  provides
    • DOD Data Structure Validation
    • HEX-2-ASCII conversion
    • Duplicate read removal
    • Data sort, filter, and search
    • Copy Button
The Smart-RFID™ web utility comes standard with mobile RFID Reader Systems purchased from IDI.  Contact IDI for the lowest installed cost RFID readers, MIL-STD-129 label printers, and high-memory RFID tags.

ID Integration Web Storefront
At IDI, our specialty is in providing full-scale vendor-independent system & process integration.  Yet we realize that customers sometimes just want individual hardware and software tools for their existing data automation needs.
now provides customers with a fast easy way of ordering marking & scanning hardware, software, and consumable supplies like labels, nameplates, and even TESA and 3M laser decal rolls.

Whether you use the site for credit card orders or just for "window shopping", you'll find our webstore provides a quick, convenient and informative means of finding what you need at any time of the day.

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