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UID Stimulus Plan: ID Integration's Smart-ScanTM Provides Immediate Return on Investment.

Brigadier General William "Tim" Crosby (PEO, Aviation) in his keynote address at the recent Denver UID Forum, summarized his strategy for evaluating project value as"Does it take the burden off the soldier?".

For military and commercial users alike, ID Integration is reducing the workload of UID implementation from that of a "job" to simpler "tasks".  Our Smart-ScanTM scanners lead the way to these promised process efficiencies, allowing users to do more with less, and in less time. 

Smart-ScanTM advantages include:

  • Decreased manual data entry into PC forms
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Automated "Lookup" capabilities for NSN, etc.
  • UID barcode Validation, Parsing, and Reprint support
By focusing on existing process improvement rather than replacement, we've created the following tools to provide users with immediate workload reduction:
  • Smart-LookupTM : Scan existing barcodes  (UID, P/N, fault codes, etc.) and output cross-referenced data (NSN, Nomenclature, P/N, S/N, etc.) withoutchanges to existing PC software! 
    This Smart-ScanTM functionality can support any software which does not support a UID data field, or where a simple text lookup table can automate repetitive human data entry.

  • Smart-UIDTM : ID Integration provides the most full-featured, flexible, cost-effective UID scanners available in today's global marketplace.

    • UID Validation: Transmits only valid UID barcode strings to the PC.  Eliminates data entry errors due to scanning of invalid UID barcodes.  Also provides UII data string output for direct input into WAWF or other database forms - avoiding the need to deal with the 'non-printable' ASCII characters within the raw UID barcode string.
    • UID Error Reporting: Identifies multiple UID syntax errors, not just the first found, and provides extended reporting to suggest corrections.
    • Scan both UID & P/N barcodes without mode switching:  Since P/N barcodes are NOT UID data, many commercial UID scanners will not transmit P/N or 1-D barcode data without switching in/out of a 'UII Mode'.  Our Smart-ScanTM technology eliminates any possible operator confusion by transmitting all desired scan data - differentiating UID, P/N, and/or 1-D data through beep/vibration sequences.
    • UID Character Substitution:  Eliminates the complexity of handling 'non-printable' ASCII characters within the raw barcode data, using a simple notepad text file for user-defined character substitution.
    • UID Parsing: Transmits all or only a single data element from a scanned UID barcode.  Allows for the auto population of multiple fields within existing software forms.  It can also be used to return only the S/N component of a UID barcode - useful when original vendor S/N is used within the UID construction.
    • Error-Free UID Reprinting: By combining the Smart-ScanTM UID Validation & Parsing capabilities with our Template Library, IDI now provides a 100% electronic means for repair facilities to replace existing UID markings due to damage or required component repair processing. 
  • Smart-ConfigureTM : Eliminates the need for IT support when scanner setup configuration is lost.  Simply repower the scanner to return to the original customer configuration.  Includes ability to auto-boot to any Smart-ScanTM application.

The barcode scanner is likely the lowest cost item within any UID implementation plan.  Yet, its usage is also the quickest means of achieving actual ROI through barcode data automation.  Contact IDI today for a demonstration of these value-added Smart-ScanTM capabilities.


ID Integration Product Profile: Smart-ScanTM Technology

ID Integration offers UID customers the scanner they’ve been waiting for: a low-cost, sophisticated 2-D barcode scanner, with integrated UII data syntax filtering. A scanner that outputs directly into WinXP, Vista or Linux applications without the need for special drivers or software setup applications. Scan 1 & 2-D barcodes; validate proper UID syntax; and output formatted UII data. It even scans OCR text fonts!


High-Tech @ Low-Cost

ID Integration has transformed a low-cost scanner into a multi-role barcode reader - providing sophisticated data analysis capabilities previously only available in products more than twice as expensive. Activate our Smart-ScanTM UII utility with a single configuration barcode scan and the scanner now checks the data for correctness and outputs only valid UII data strings.

[)>▲12↔SPL 1RWL9↔UCN 425-438-2533▲♦

Scan a valid UID barcode, and the above ‘raw’ data becomes the following UII:


No Software Needed

Scan 1 or 2-D barcodes into any PC application without hardware or software ‘wedge’ requirements. Although optional software setup utilities are available, they are not required by the USB-cabled scanner, thereby simplifying DOD approval processes (DIACAP, NMCI, etc.).

QC Validation for UID

Data syntax errors are the most common problems incurred with UID barcodes. Our scanner solution offers customers a quick and reliable quality control check which is commonly available only in UID verification systems costing up to $10K.

No Middleware Costs

Customers typically require ‘middleware’ conversion utilities to convert the data structure within a UID barcode to the proper UII format before entry into forms and databases.

By using the scanner to properly format this data, the result can be directly scanned into any PC application – including UID Registry and WAWF forms, freeing your IT staff for other activities.

Get UID ROI Now!

No more excuses! Our Smart-ScanTM parsing application allows even older enterprise software to take advantage of UID and Spec2000 barcode data. Part and serial numbers, and vendor ID values are extracted and feed into multiple data fields in your software input forms.

Scan OCR text

OCR text reading may never achieve the same accuracy as barcode scanning. But this scanner offers this capability when bundled with ID Integration’s custom templates.

SER 425-438-2533

Rugged Ergonomics

The scanner’s targeting technique utilizes 2 color converging LEDs to show ideal focal position. Revolutionary audible, tactile and visual user feedback systems include an advanced speaker, a vibration motor and targeting/status LEDs.

Hard-to-Read Scanning

Scanning direct part mark (DPM) barcodes has historically required scanners with more sophisticated lighting, decode algorithms and a $2000+ price tag. This scanner redefines ‘hard-to-read’ by demonstrating exceptional read capabilities - even on metallic and curved surfaces. The scanner also has an amazing field of view range from 7.5 mil Data Matrix barcode cells, to 8 inch long 1-D barcode lengths.

Download PDF Sales/Specifications Sheet