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Barcode Marking & Tracking Solutions December 2008/ issue 08-3


Microscan acquires Siemens UID vision product line

On September 15, Microscan, Inc. of Renton, Washington announced the purchase of Siemens� Machine Vision business, formerly Acuity CiMatrix, headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire. This acquisition strengthens the already powerful range of Microscan�s UID scanner and verifier solutions.

ID Integration was the #1 reseller of the Siemens UID scanners and verifiers. We have successfully integrated their products into turnkey UID solutions for both DoD suppliers and military depots. The extremely versatile UID Compliance Verifiers (Models LDP and DPM) make verification of even difficult UID Data Matrix markings an easy proposition.

The Siemens Data Matrix hand held scanners (HawkEye Models 40, 40T, 45 and 45T) offer superior built in lighting, decoding ability and versatility. These too are now part of Microscan�s world-class range of UID vision offerings.

A price increase has been announced on certain Microscan UID verifier and scanner products that goes into effect January 1, 2009. However, Microscan will honor orders placed by year end 2008.

ID Integration invites both existing and new customers to review their UID Data Matrix verification and scanner needs and to place orders before the end of 2008. Out experienced Field Engineers can install both the scanners and verifiers and train your staff to gain the maximum benefits from these extremely robust and versatile systems.

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World Class UID Nameplates and Labels

Do you need a UID nameplate or label? You would probably look on the Internet and pick a supplier. Easy, but did you pick a good one?

Jet City Laser has been in the two dimensional Data Matrix nameplate and label business since well before UID was mandated in 2004. We have probably made more Data Matrix nameplates and labels than any other job shop in the world.

Uniquely, we offer a very wide range of nameplate and label marking technologies which include:

  CO2 marking lasers
  Nd:Yag marking lasers
  Dot peen markers
  Chemical etch markers
  Metalphoto process capability
  Industrial label printers
  Ink stencil
  Cermark laser bonding process

After making the UID nameplates or labels, Jet City conducts a 100% verification and data syntax validation test to insure they meet UID MIL-STD-130 requirements. The test results are supplied with each shipment on a CD.

Additionally, the verification and validation data are 100% archived for future reference or retrieval.

Look online for for the most responsive and professional UID nameplate/label job shop.

Sikorsky Template Library

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation of Stratford, Connecticut, a unit of United Technologies, is a major contributor to our defense effort with their Blackhawk, Superhawk, Skyhawk and H-53 military helicopters. Sikorsky is very committed to UID and is applying markings in its own plants as well as requiring UID markings to be applied on parts made by its suppliers.

Sikorsky has created a unique UID marking specification, SS9141 which is very specific and demanding. To assist customers who need to create UID markings in accordance with SS9141, ID Integration has utilized the advanced scripting capability of Seagull Scientific�s Bartender software to create a SS9141 UID Wizard. This single file supports the creation of UID labels for the 4 different physical layouts defined in SS9141. Numerous built-in quality control algorithms provide assurance of proper UID data syntax. Sikorsky and supplier parts are supported via a common �Prompt-At-Print-Time� user interface.

The SS9141 UID Wizard is but one of the UID enablers included as part of a typical ID Integration UID turnkey solution. More information about the SS9141 UID Wizard can be found at: http://http//

UID Installation & Training

Many Defense suppliers need to produce their UID nameplates or labels at their own manufacturing site. This offers the ultimate in flexibility and responsiveness and, if the required volumes are significant, typically yields a lowest cost solution to UID compliance.

ID Integration has installed a very wide variety of UID marking technologies at customer sites, frequently as a self contained marking cart such as those shown at

As part of a typical installation, ID Integration conducts thorough training on all aspects of the hardware and software including;

  Bartender template library
  Nameplate/label layout
  Marker setup and UID nameplate/label production
  Verification techniques
  Registration of the Unique Item Identifier (UII) to the UID Central Registy

ID Integration offers a �refresher� training after a Defense supplier has been in UID nameplate/label production for about two months. We and our customers have found that a day of refresher training addresses the questions and problems that on site operators have encountered during their production ramp up. This retraining enables full utilization of the UID production equipment and insures that world class, error free UID nameplates/labels are produced, verified and registered.


IDI introduces several new technologies for UID/Spec2000 Applications:
  MIMSTM Industrial Carts
  Portable RFID Reader/PC
  Portable UID Verifier
  IDI Professional Srvcs
  Sikorsky SS9141 Label Templates

Industrial Laser Solutions shows Jet City Laser UID Label

Jet City Laser is having a good month in the public press. Industrial Laser Solutions, the leading international resource for technology information on industrial laser materials processing, discussed recent laser developments in the November 2008 issue.

UID marking is one of the topics mentioned and a sample UID tag by Jet City Laser is shown in the article. The Industrial Laser Solutions article is at:

  DOD Guide to UID, v1.6
  DOD Guide to Passive RFID v10
  MIL-STD-130 Download
  UID 50-char Limit
  Data Matrix Size Chart
  Create DM Codes Online
  Bartender Label Design
  UID Registry FAQs
  DD2875-UID Registry Access
  WAWF Vendor Getting Started Guide


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