Your First Article Source Inspections Made Easier

Jet City Laser Gives Name Plates the Respect They Deserve

While First Article Inspections (FAI) require significant documentation, Jet City Laser’s systematic and thorough process ensures that complete inspection documentation is ready for the inspector on arrival. We archive 100% of the data so if you need a copy of a nameplate First Article Inspection we can promptly deliver it to you.


The Jet City Laser Guarantee

  • 100% certification of materials and part conformance
  • 100% verification and validation of data matrix bar codes to meet UID MIL-STD-130 requirements (readable from ten angles)
  • 100% archiving of data for future reference

Actual inspection for Boeing MMA project

Sixteen documents and name plate ready for Boeing MMA project First Article InspectionSixteen documents and nameplate ready for
Boeing MMA project First Article Inspection.

The documents pictured above are the documents required for review by the Boeing source inspector on a recent UID nameplate order.

1. Jet City Laser packing list
2. Original Boeing purchase order
3. Boeing change order
4. Jet City Laser quality control checklist
5. 804-100079 Parts list
6. 804-100079 Specification
7. BSPS-13-002 Marking of items with a 2D data matrix code
8. MIL-DTL-15024
9. Jet City Laser Certificate of Conformance

10. Scans of the 1D bar codes on the nameplate
11. Verification reports for the 2D bar code on the nameplates
12. AS9102 First Article Inspection report
13. Drawing used in the First Article Inspection
14. Material Certificate of Conformance
15. Adhesive Certificate of Conformance
16. Boeing specification BAC 5875
17. Nameplate 804-100079-6
Whether your nameplates require a First Article Inspection like the Boeing MMA project above or the Mars rover sundial or you simply want the job done reliably and on time, you can count on Jet City Laser to promptly provide the highest quality nameplates and markings.

Contact us to talk with a nameplate and markings specialist for more information about our First Article Inspection process and to discuss nameplates or markings for your project.