Anodized Aluminum Labels and Nameplates

Anodized aluminum nameplates and labels are proven to resist chemicals, solvents, abrasion, and grime. Anodized aluminum is popular for Item Unique Identifier Data (IUID) Anodized labels and nameplates, because it can be shaped on-the-spot to either flat or curved surfaces.

Anodized Aluminum IUID Nameplate with Matte Black Background and Mechanical Fastener Holes

Anodized aluminum nameplates and labels can be either surfaced marked or deep etched for readability even after the anodized coating has been ground away.

  • Custom sizes
  • Custom thickness starting at 0.003” thick
  • Polyurethane coating can be applied for added scuff resistance and for exterior applications.

Anodized Aluminum Nameplates and Labels Colors

Anodized aluminum nameplates and labels are available in a rainbow of colors; all are matte finish. Black is the most commonly requested color for its superior readability by machines and humans.

Black is the best choice for IUID labels and barcodes thanks to its superior machine readability. Laser barcodes and human readable text appears silver/white against the matte black background.

Gray, bronze, red, and blue are the most requested colors, after black. Etching is silver/white against the background color of your choice.

Special Order Colors. Seven special order colors are available: gold, orange, pink, purple, green, teal, and turquoise. As with all anodized aluminum labels and nameplates, etching is silver/white against the background color you choose.

Affixing your Anodized Aluminum Nameplate and Labels

Your anodized aluminum nameplates and labels can be affixed using adhesives or mechanical fasteners. Adhesives provide maximum adhesion. We can supply adhesive, punch holes for mechanical fasteners, or both.

Contact us today to order and to talk with a government compliance label and nameplate specialist about your anodized aluminum tags, labels and name plates requirements.