Seattle’s Pike Place MarketFront Bronze Pig Hoofprints

Now, visitors from around the world can follow Billie the Pig’s path of bronze hoofprints to the new Pike Place MarketFront. Everyone has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to forever be a part of the bronze pigs and hoofprints tradition at Seattle’s famous market with their own custom engraved bronze pig hoofprint.

Unique Custom Engraving Helps to Build a New Seattle Legacy

Jet City Laser was honored to be selected for the very special task of engraving each and every bronze pig hoofprint for the Pike Place MarketFront “Design your Hoofprint” program. The Pike Place Market Foundation selected Jet City Laser based on our dedication to high quality engraving, attention to detail, and our ability to deep etch the bronze cast hoofprints.

The Challenges of Etching Bronze Hoofprints

The material, the depth of the etching, and the shape all present challenges to laser engraving the bronze pig hoofprints.

Laser etching bronze requires experience and special technical skills. Bronze is an alloy that is highly reflective to a laser beam. In addition, when bronze is lased, the area being struck by the laser changes its physical state from a solid, to a liquid, to a plasma, then to a vapor. The change of states from a solid to a vapor requires a high energy, highly focused laser source and an experienced operator who knows how to limit the heat developed by the process to prevent burning and cosmetically damaging the engraving as well as the bronze hoofprint itself.

Deep etching. Because the hoofprints are being installed in a high traffic area, each one is deep etched to a depth of at least 0.10 (2.54 mm) inches. This can only be accomplished by using multiple etching passes using Jet City Laser’s high power lasers.

Unique shape. Each hoofprint is etched with a unique, custom message. Laying out custom text within the curved shape of each bronze hoofprint requires special attention and an artistic eye.

We etch the bronze hoofprints in small batches, five at a time or fewer, as orders come in. Each batch is carefully monitored by an experienced laser technician to insure proper setting, depth, and overall quality.

An Enduring Legacy

For decades to come, thousands of market visitors will follow these special hoofprints to the MarketFront – so quality, durability, and readability are of utmost importance.

Jet City Laser invites you to leave your legacy at the historic Pike Place Market by writing your family or company name in a bronze hoofprint. Donations of $5,000 and $2,500 will help nurture this thriving, caring community in the heart of Seattle.