Approved Supplier

  • Boeing – Fully approved by Boeing Aerospace for Integrated Supplier Information System
  • Preferred supplier for Air Transport Association’s SPEC 2000 labels.

MIL-STD Marking

  • All IUID codes are verified 100% compliant with Department of Defense MIL-STD-130.
  • In 2003, Jet City Laser provided expert input to the Department of Defense UID mandate.

All Markings

Every nameplate, label, and part marking is completed with 100% quality control.

  • 100% certified materials to ensure your markings last
  • 100% quality assurance on every label; every IUID, GUID, HIBC, and GS1 code is verified readable from 10 angles; ideal for hard to reach places, curved surfaces.
  • All materials are guaranteed to conform to all applicable specifications and will last according to the maintenance schedule, free of premature corrosion or degradation.
  • Labels nameplates and signage are guaranteed to comply with IUID, GUID, HIBC, GS1, MIL-STD, ADA and other regulatory specifications, as applicable.

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First Article Inspection
This nameplate was manufactured for an acid bath environment. The client’s previous nameplates became unreadable within 6 months of use. The pictured nameplate was produced by Jet City Laser; it was in use for more than 6 years when the photo was taken and was verified 100% readable.

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