AlumaMark® IUID Labels

Photo-Quality Images on Real Aluminum

More robust and long lasting than simple painted or epoxy-coated metal, AlumaMark® is perfect for IUID Labels, 2D or linear barcoded nameplates, and general usage property tags. Using AlumaMark®, your label, nameplate, or tag can include an individual image and variable text data.
AlumaMark® is:
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Salt spray resistant
  • Temperature resistant up to 450° F
  • Coated with polyurethane when labels, nameplates, or tags are intended for exterior exposure
Jet City Laser can create almost any durable, high contrast laser photo-quality images on aluminum using AlumaMark® materials.  The heat of the laser causes a precision thermal reaction which creates the contrasting marking.  Lighter marks and halftone shades can be created – ideal for creating photograph or detailed artwork reproductions.
Marking on AlumaMark® is caused by the heat of the laser.  It involves no etching, engraving, or chemicals.

Four Colors and Three Finishes

AlumaMark® is available in silver, gold, bronze, and brass. Choose from satin, matte, and mirrored finishes. The most popular color combination for IUID labels is satin silver AlumaMark® with black characters and codes.

AlumaMark® material
  • 005″ thick aluminum
  • Dimensions: 1.5 X 0.5 X 0.005 inch
  • Satin and anodized finishes
  • Polyurethane coating (for exterior use)
AlumaMark® AM00027 Peel & Stick labels
  • All of the features above
  • Peel and apply 9675 3M adhesives
Contact us today to order AlumaMark® labels, nameplates, signs, tags, and more. and to talk with a government compliance label and nameplate specialist. AlumaMark® is a registered trademark of Horizons ISG. AlumaMark® images courtesy of Horizons ISG and Jet City Lasers.