Engraved Nameplates Color and Appearance Solutions

Text and graphics can be laser engraved on nameplates of various sizes, shapes, and materials. Colored text, images, and logos can be added. Save time and money with our asset management program. 

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Your product’s branding is important. Color nameplates allow your products to standout. Jet City Laser offers an innovative and digitally precise representation of your nameplate foreground or background using the Pantone Color Institute™, standardized worldwide Munsell Color System.

Photo quality images for informational and instructional usages including raised tactile reading and writing systems that meet ADA requirements (braille) are available on request.

In this interplanetary laser engraving project for the University of Washington and NASA, Jet City Laser engraved the face and sides of the Martian sundials launched on board the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. On approval from NASA, we modified the marking process to make the message readable.

Click here to see more photos and learn more about the historic Mars Rover Projects.

Each side of the four sides of the Mars rover sundial has a laser engraved nameplate with a text message and graphics.

Laser marked anodized aluminum nameplate. The line and the two arrows are graphics; the text is a standard font.

This equipment nameplate was produced in an unusual way. Most nameplates of this type are made by removing the anodizing to create the text and data elements. On this nameplate, the anodized was removed from the entire face of the plate leaving only the information.

Laser engraved Goodrich AC generator control unit nameplate

Engraved Honeywell AC generator nameplate

Laser engraved ADS Transicoil temperature indicator nameplate

Laser engraved Boeing maintenance panel assembly nameplate

Laser engraved nameplate for Bell-Boeing AE1107c engine

Laser engraved nameplate for Boeing CH 47F

Twenty-two laser engraved nameplates made for Boeing

Laser engraved nameplate for Goodrich AC generator

Laser engraved tag for Douglas Aircraft Co equipment

Blank data nameplate

This blank, a .032 anodized aluminum label, was lased to size and shape, with holes lased to attach it and headings lased. The customer will lase the part details then attach the label. Lasing the shape and holes requires a more powerful laser than lasing text. Label and nameplate blanks like this are a cost-effective option for many companies who lase their labels and nameplates in-house.

Blank with adhesive backing

Blanks like this .005 aluminum label with adhesive backing are lased to shape and size with attachment holes, if any, per customer specifications, then shipped to the customer to engrave the markings. Blank labels and nameplates save time and money for companies who lase their nameplates in-house.

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