Annealed Marking on Labels, Parts, and Other Items

Custom annealed marking directly onto labels, nameplates, your parts and other items. Marking may include graphics and text.  Although most of these have a black background with white text, you may choose any Pantone® color for your label or nameplate text and background. UV ink is available. Contact us if you have questions or would like guidance.

Click photos to see a larger version of the annealed markings.

Decorative annealed marking on steel.

Unique logos, textures and patterns can be permanently laser marked on most metals.

Personalized laser engraving
This is a stainless-steel time capsule which Bill and Melinda Gates buried during construction of their Lake Washington home (in Seattle, WA). The marking on the time capsule was made by annealing the stainless steel without cutting into it.
This is one of 150,000 bolts we marked. The Adidas logo on this bolt head was made by annealing the metal without cutting into it. The bolts were used to assemble display cabinets for Adidas® products.
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